At present, I don't often directly support students. However, I do with with Ada Gavrilovska and others in the systems group of the School of Computer Science and we are always looking for good people to work with!

If you are already a student in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech and are inquiring about research opportunities:

Our most common avenue for finding new students is through research-oriented projects performed in the classes that we teach. This approach both gives us an opportunity to evaluate a student's abilites and allows the student to get an in-depth experience in our work. If you are interested in working with us, the best thing to do is to sign up for one of our classes. If you are a newly-admitted masters student, please do not send me your resume, vita, or other introductory Email asking for research support.

If you are not currently a student at Georgia Tech:

We are happy to talk about our research with anyone. However, we cannot offer support prior to students going through the admission process. Also, while faculty indicate to the College of Computing admissions committee the rough number of new students that they will be able to support, we do not directly influence the admissions process. So if you are interested in the things we do, please apply!

If you are an international student inquiring about a summer internship:

We do not, at present, have funding to support summer internships.