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* Mobile Music Touch appeared on CNN breaking news Glove can make you Mozart? November 9, 2012.

* PhD student Hyungsin Kim is named as 2012 Foley Scholar finalist, October 2012.

* ClockMe system appeared on National Science Foundation front page nsf-clockreader.png October 2nd, 2012

* PhD student Hyungsin Kim won the Bronze Prize at 2012 Student Research Competition Grand Finals, honored at the ACM Awards Banquet in San Francisco, CA on June 16, 2012, co-located with Turing Centenary.

* Ellen has been promoted to the rank of Professor, letter from President Bud Peterson dated March 5, 2012.

* Ellen, ClockReader and Mobile Music Touch are featured in Research Horizons Summer/Fall 2011 issue.

* Ellen is the recipient of the 2011 ACADIA Award for Innovative Research. This award recognizes innovative research that contributes to the field of digital design in architecture. The award distinguishes research with the potential to transform contemporary architecture. Award Ceremony was held in Banff, Canada during ACADIA 2011 Oct 11-16.

* Nine papers from ACME Lab were presented at HCI International 2011 conference in Orlando July 9-14. They are Clock Reader, DraWiing Art, Haptic Communication, mediRobbi companion, Dinner Party, CogStime game, Helping Hands, , Mobile Health and TimBA.

* A project by MID student Halley Profita won 2nd place in the ISWC Design Competition, June 12-15, in San Francisco.

* PhD student Hyungsin Kim's paper, and poster. about the ClockReader project won the Gold Medal (1st prize) at ACM CHI 2011 Conference Student Research Competition (SRC) in Vancouver (May 2011). See the winner list.

* Ellen on TEI on TEI video.

* Best Paper Award - Wu, A., Joyner, D. and Do, E. Y., Move, Beam, and Check! Imagineering Tangible Optical Chess on An Interactive Tabletop Display, Dec. 2010, 10.1145/1902593.1902599

* Ellen is chairing the SBIM 2011 - jointly with CAE and NPAR (Aug 2011)

* Ellen helped organized (and chaired the program) a very successful ACM TEI 2011 conference in Madeira, Portugal (Jan 2011), edited the main conference proceedings in ACM Digital Library and edited the Work-in-Progress workshop proceedings

* Ellen chaired the program for SBIM 2010, Sketch-based interfaces and modeling symposium.

* Ellen helped organized the ACM Creativity and Cognition conference at Berkeley, October 2009!!

* Ellen edited a Special Issue on Design Computing and Cognition see ToC - and Special Issue on Tangible Interaction for Design - see ToC for the journal of AIEDAM Cambridge University Press

* * Ellen and 4 students (Sherif, Hui, Atefe and Hugo) presented papers at the IASDR International Association of Societies of Design Research, 12-15 November 2008, in Hong Kong.

* Ellen in the news and video of Piano Touch/Mobile Music Touch - Reinventing the Way People Learn to Play the Piano November 7, 2008

** Check out the ACME Lab for more news or find older news

Invited Talks

* * Ellen delivered a keynote "Things that Think, Spaces that Sense and Places that Play" at the First International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Technologies and Multimedia Dec, 2010, Allahabad, India

* * Ellen delivered a keynote speech at Keio University (Nov, 2010) at the Symbiotic, Safe and Secure System Design – International Symposim on Biofied Buildings, Nov 26, at Keio University, kenchiku pdf , at Sydney University (Nov 2010) and several universities in Taiwan (May 2010)

* Ellen gave a keynote speech in Taiwan at the International Conference of Intelligent Quality Good Life hosted by National Taiwan University's Insight Center - Jan 19, 20, 2009. The keynote paper.

* * Ellen delivered a keynote "Every Drawing Tells a Story" at the Spatial Cognition in Architectural Design Workshop held in Melbourne, Australia, 19, September 2007.


Find Ellen at Google Scholar, CS DBLP, ACM portal, Metapress, Academic Search & ResearcherID
also in CuminCAD for CAAD - Computer Aided Architectural Design research *

Misc Info

* Some paper by and about Horst Rittel

* Some paper by and about Philip Theil

* Why Peer Review?

* Here are the 10 questions you should never ask your professor!

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* Misc. Conference deadlines

* Old web page with lots of links

* Ellen owns a Djembe and plays in a drum circle. Check out her Djembe Rhythm Notation and videos of her group, The Sensua Players. Here is a short clip of her playing with the host at Eshine Garden

* Folding and unfolding cubes

* Ellen's name in Chinese 杜宜倫 -- * see the meaning of Yi and Luen

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