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Completed Courses

CS 6290: Advanced/High Performance Computer Architecture

This course covers topics concerning the hardware design of computer systems, advanced techniques in high-performance pipelined central processing units, memory and I/O systems, parallel processors including shared memory multiprocessors and cluster computers. This course helped me to appreciate major topics in the field of Computer Architecture.

CSE 6140: Computer Science and Engineering Algorithms

This course introduced me to designing high-performance and scalable algorithms for computational science and engineering applications. The course focused on algorithm design, complexity analysis, experimentation, and optimization, for important science and engineering applications. I developed knowledge and skills concerning the design and analysis of real-world algorithms employed in computational science and engineering applications, and performance optimization of applications using the best practices of algorithm engineering.

EXC 4020: Characteristics and Instructional Strategies for Students with Disabilities

This course was designed to provide students with an overview of the identification, classification, eligibility, and the unique characteristics of individuals with disabilities who require accommodations and adaptations throughout their life cycle. The course focused on basic instructional strategies used to teach these individuals. The course included an analysis of individuals across classification categories as well as an in depth review of all areas of exceptionalities per Georgia House Bill 671.

CS 8803: Autism and Technology

This course consisted of relevant readings, discussions and design exercises. We were provided with opportunities to meet important figures in the autism community around the Atlanta area and elsewhere. Though the course had an emphasis on technology, there was a distinct human-centered approach to understanding the opportunities and implications of technological assistance to meet this community’s needs.

CS 7470: Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

In this course we investigated the infrastructure required to develop mobile and ubiquitous computing applications and establish major research themes and experimental practices.

Psych 6015: Developmental Psychology

In this course I learned about the concepts, assumptions, methods, theories, and research in human development across the life span including cognitive, emotional, and social behavior.

CS 6455: User Interface Design and Evaluation

This course helped me to understand the social and cultural needs of users of technology. It taught me how to turn what I understand about people into system requirements that can help me build applications that users find easy to operate and useful. I learned about empirical methods that will help me design and evaluate systems for their intended audiences.

CS 6460: Foundations of Educational Technology

In this course I studied educational technologies, their uses, and their results, as well as the philosophies governing them. I learned how to:

  • Identify the aims and values of the major schools of thought in educational technology and design and critique software and learning environments based on their philosophies.
  • Identify dimensions of the setting that impact the success or failure of educational technology.
  • Describe the trade-offs of various evaluation and assessment goals and techniques.
  • Identify several variables impacting the success of educational software and methods for measuring or studying those variables.
  • Design a technology solution to an education problem.

CS 6750: Human-Computer Interaction

In this course I learned the importance of the human-computer interface in the design and development of things people use. We focused on many of the perceptual, cognitive, and social characteristics of people, as well as methods for learning more about the users of my systems. We discussed the capabilities and limits of computers and other related systems, and discussed how they affect design and implementation decisions. We also covered methods of design, and ways to implement, evaluate, and improve a design. The course was a balance of perceptual/psychological and computer science elements. For the class, I worked on a semester long group project that was accepted to the CHI 2009 Student Design Competition.