1.I want to do my PhD studies in Robotics at the College of Computing, how do I enroll?

        •GT/CoC has an annual call for new PhD students. See application
                  procedures for Georgia Institute of Technology. You can find details

2.I would like to have some assistance to perform a project on robotics. I am building a
         gadget X, could you please help me?

•Sorry, I do not have time to help all people with different kinds of
                   projects. There are several mailing lists available on the net, try them for assistance.

3.We are a small company that would like to know how we do ...?

•In general we do not offer free consulting services. The GTRI might be a
                  more suitable point of contact for consulting assistance, but again it will not be free.
                  Details are available directly from

4.I would like to have a copy of your paper entitled "...".

•Checkout "publications".

5.I would you to write a letter of recommendation for me

•      In general I do not write letters of recommendations for people I do not know
                well. Even if you send me a CV I am not in a good position to write an authoritative
                letter, consequently I will not be able to write a letter unless I am well acquainted
                with your work. I will in general not write an unsolicited letter of recommendation.

6.Why am I not getting an answer to my question on ...

•I receive XX>>1 unsolicited emails everyday. I am not able to respond to all such
                  letters. Sorry.

7.I would like to do an summer internship with you.

•      Without a prior agreement and having met with you personally I do not take
                 on summer students. GT students are more than welcome to stop by my office
                 for a discussion of potential projects. Unfortunately, I do not have funds to
                 take on students from outside of Georgia Tech.

8.I would like to interview you regarding XX.

•Press contacts are handled by the director of communications
                 Ms. Stefany Wilson - you may reach her at

9.I am taking one of your classes and I would like to suggest ....

  1. I am always eager to learn and reflect on how thing can be done or improved so please send me email. I promise to read any such letters with great care. You are also most welcome to stop by during my office hours.