School of computer science

Georgia Institute of Technology

CS4803/CS8803, Spring 2012

Introduction Task #2

In this task, you will learn how to start Nintendo DS Programming, read keyboards and assembly code.

In this task you are building a simple key-press example using Nintendo DS Assembly programming with NDS library.

Initialize two variables with pre-defined numeric values (you can chose whatever value you want) and when the following keys are pressed, the specified operations take place and the new variable values are printed.

Your screen needs to be updated every 1/60th seconds and the screen should says
"Key-Press example from your name. Variable values after operation are: results "
Please see the lecture notes file to get some initial starting code.
You need to implment at least 2 features and submit the code and screen shot of one output file in t-square.

Useful links
ARM GCC Iline Assembler Cookbook