School of computer science

Georgia Institute of Technology

CS4803/CS8803, Spring 2012
Feb. 8 2012. In the class

OpenGL programming using DevKit Pro

Caution!: Not all computers can execute 3D graphics examples. If you cannot execute them, you might do the exercises just using another openGL programming. In that case, you can use from Bill Jacobs's video tutorial example.

If you are new to OpenGL programming, there are many wonderful sources in Web.
Red book is good source for OpenGL.
Widnows's opengl 3.3 tutorial: tutorial
Video Tutorial Very good introduction. especially until Part 8 will be useful.

A starting point: example/nds/Graphics/3D/nehe/lesson02
  • Move the position of primitives and draw the following figure.

  • Rotate triangles with x-axis. (Please see the code in example/nds/Graphics/3D/nehe/lesson05 for an example) (left triangle rotates clockwise and the other triangle rotates counter clockwise)
  • Change vertex colors.
    Submit your final code in T-square under p3 task.
    Enjoy it!