Hobin Yoon Hobin Yoon

Ph.D. Student
School of Computer Science
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology


Hobin Yoon is a Ph.D. student in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is advised by Dr. Ada Gavrilovska and Dr. Karsten Schwan. Prior to joining Georgia Tech, he was a Senior Researcher at Samsung Electronics from 2005 to 2010 and a Senior Software Engineer at Thinkware Systems from 2001 to 2005. He earned his MS in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology and BS in Computer Engineering from Seoul National University.


Hobin's research interests include data placement in various areas of cloud storage systems.

First, geo-replicated storage systems. With the traditional full replication, the cost grows proportional to the number of data centers. Acorn places data based on the access statistics of data attributes, thus achieving better cost-latency trade-offs. It is implemented by extending Apache Cassandra.

Second, in LSM-tree based databases, like Google BigTable or Facebook RocksDB. Due to the amount of data they store, the cost of serving the databases can be very high. Mutant places the underlying storage blocks to different types of storage devices based on their access frequencies, thus reducing cost significantly while keeping the same low latency.

Third, in mobile edge computing. With 5G network, the network latency between the mobile backhaul to core network becomes a significant portion of the user-perceived latency. Castnet is exploring the cost-benefit tradeoffs of placing data and computation within the mobile carrier network, thus achieving a lower latency than serving data from either core or edge data centers.



KACB 3201.

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