CS 4600
Introduction to Intelligent Systems

2003 11/3 If you've already begun Project 6, be sure to re-read it: there's now a note in the description that discusses the use of eval and boundp. You sort of need these things to do it correctly. Also, this suggests that both implies and doubleimplies should be macros, not functions.
2003 10/21 BTW, project 3 has been rewritten to assume that all the "problems" are fitness functions, as opposed to cost functions. That wasn't particularly clear before. Actually, it doesn't matter one way or the other, so long as you're consistent about whether you expect problems to be fitness functions to maximize or cost functions to minimize. In fact, our testing code won't really be able to tell the difference.

Also, I fixed a typo for 4p and 6p. They take "T" as an argument, not "N" which I suspect caused a lot of confusion (it wouldn't to the LISP code of course, as its just a variable name; you could call it Q for all it cares*). Sorry about that.

*Actually you can't actually call it "T" because that's a LISP constant.

2003 10/21 Final exam schedules are now set:

4600 A Isbell Th 2:50-5:40 IC 117
4600 B Isbell M 11:30-2:20 CCB 101

Notice how there is nothing above that suggests that you can choose which time to take the exam, as opposed to having to take the exam at the scheduled time for your section. There's a reason for that.

2003 9/30 The Project 2 tournament rules are now set. See the handouts for more details.
2003 9/15 Project 2 is now due 9/24 instead of 9/23.
2003 9/4 Effective 9/9 the afternoon section (A) will be held in IC 117 instead of Physics S107