CS 1100
Freshman Leap Seminar

Remember: you will sometimes be in a large group in Physics L2 or L4 (as of now, we're in L4), and sometimes in smaller groups with your respective sections. Please visit this page frequently so that you know when and where you're supposed to be. Bring a friend. Start a sewing circle.

Date Topic
August 24 Individual Sections
August 31 Large Group: Embodiment by Tucker Balch
September 7 Large Group: People by John Stasko
September 14 Large Group: Modeling by Richard Fujimoto
September 21 Individual Sections
September 28 Large Group: Media by Mark Guzdial
October 5 Large Group: Information Internetworks by Ellen Zegura
with a ten-minute introduction by Rich DeMillo, Dean of the College of Computing
October 12
Drop Day is 10/13
Individual Sections
October 19 Large Group: Intelligence by Aaron Bobick
October 26 Large Group: Foundations by Eric Vigoda
November 2 Large Group: Platforms by Santosh Pande
November 9 Large Group
November 16 Individual Sections
November 23 Holiday
November 30 Individual Sections
December 7 Individual Sections