CS 8001
Intelligent Systems Reading Group

Fall 2009
T 2-3pm
CCB 109

General Information

The Intelligent Systems Reading Group is a forum for reading and discussing research papers of interest to the IS and AI community. Please note that this is a reading group, and is distinct from our ongoing seminar series, which is a forum for talks. The goals of the reading group are:

  1. to meet weekly to discuss research papers in a variety of areas of interest to the community.

  2. to be a way to prepare students for the quals; that is:
    • any student who attends the reading group for a year or two should be well-prepared to handle much of the material covered by the written exams in either Intelligence Systems or Machine Learning, and
    • should have a good idea how to examine and discuss AI/IS material critically.

  3. to keep us informed of each others' interests and work

There is an ISRG mailing list. Go to the mailman pages and look for ISRG.

The seminar series will be run by IS faculty. This year, it is hosted by Charles Isbell. Feel free to contact him if you have questions or suggestions.

Regardless of who is in charge, the idea is to keep the material broad, in keeping with our goals.

The seminar is open to all students and faculty, whether officially registered for the class or not.