CS 8001
Intelligent Systems Reading Group

2009, August 17 Okay, break's over. The theme this semester is Reinforcement Learning
2008, May Time to take a break....
2006, August 20 Classes will continue in TSRB 323 for 2006-2007. Notice that this is *3* not *2*23.
2005, August 15 Classes will continue in TSRB 223 for 2005-2006. There will be a paper for the first week of class.
2004, August 16 Classes are now in TSRB 223. That's the second floor conference room with the opaque glass walls. Go up the stairs and walk straight down the hall past the elevators.
2004, February 2 Due to the moves and all the mess that goes with it, The Reading Group will meet in CCB 53 (the actual scheduled room) February 2.
2004, January 9 There is now a mailing list for ISRG. Go to the mailman pages and look for ISRG.
2004, January 5 The Reading Group will meet in CRB until the end of January