CS-7491-A: 3D Complexity Techniques for Graphics, Modeling, and Animation - 27602
Spring 2008: MWF from 12:05 to 12:55 in Klaus 1456

Instructor: Jarek Rossignacjarek@cc.gatech.edu
Tech Square: TSRB-320
Hours: Th 11-12, CCB223
TA: Jason Williams
Hours: MWF 1:05-1:55 in CCB Commons

Various applets in Processing
Pictures of students

  • Overview of Graphic Acceleration Techniques
  • Visibility and occluders
  • Delaunay triangulations and Voronoi regions
  • Triangle Meshes
  • Corner Table implementation
  • Basic geometric constructions in 3D (points, vectors, lines, planes, intersections, distances)
  • Distance and discrepancy measures between shapes
  • Morphological analysis of shapes
  • Compression of surfaces, volumes, and animations
  • CSG optimization

  • Extrapolating predictors for the next point along a curve
  • Evaluating predictors by showing prediction errors along a curve
  • Computing from-point visibility and Delaunay triangulation of columns
  • Triangle Mesh processing on a Corner Table
  • Computing chamfer triangles between two border loops in a mesh

  • P1: Geometric extrapolating predictors of quantized curves
  • P2: Run-time visible-set selection. Selected reports: Bartke&Raveendran, Rufin&Joudiou
  • P3: Skip&Pray compression/decompression of triangle meshes (starting-point code provided): Part 1 due March 26
  • P4: Boolean operations, teams of 2, due April 21 before class (hard deadline, no extension, sorry!)

  • Mesh compression and simplification
  • Streaming Meshes
  • Streaming Compression of Triangle Meshes
  • Multilevel Streaming for Out-of-Core Surface Reconstruction
  • Streaming Compression of Tetrahedral Volume Meshes
  • Papers on robustness or performance of Boolean operations on triangle meshes, polygons, BSP trees

  • Midterm Spring 2008
  • During the week of April 21, Each student will present (8ms total) a techical aspect of a project and of a paper.

    2006 syllabus with notes
    Date Topic Notes Assigned Reading Homeworks, projects Resources, deadlines, events
    01 Jan 10, Tu Measure Complexity William Complexity, P1
    02 Jan 12, Th Predict Curve, Motion Cyril Predict
    03 Jan 17, Tu Compress Residues Michael Arithmetic, Entropy  
    04 Jan 19, Th Compress Field, Level Set (Lorenzo) Christopher     Lorenzo's slides
    05 Jan 24, Tu Resample, Approximate Curve Nate    
    06 Jan 26, Th Measure Error, Establish Map Sulabh Alt, Atali, Hausdorff, Error
    07 Jan 31, Tu Simplify Morphology Ankita Tightening Slides P1 due
    08 Feb 2, Th Present Projects P1 results and pictures
    09 Feb 7, Tu Represent Triangle Mesh Brandon Chapter 54,
    10 Feb 9, Th Compress Triangle Mesh Rao Compression Slides
    11 Feb 14, Tu Extend to Complex Topologies Jeffrey   P2
    12 Feb 16, Th Stream Compressed Mesh Huamin    
    13 Feb 21, Tu Improve Compression Sami  
    14 Feb 23, Th MIDTERM Solution  
    15 Feb 28, Tu Simlify Mesh, Measure Error Nipun    
    16 Mar 2, Th Compressed Refinements Hunter   P2 due last day to drop
    17 Mar 7, Tu Space Partition Hierarchies Taylor  
    18 Mar 9, Th Half-edges, MultiResolution Michael  
    19 Mar 14, Tu Resample Mesh, Shape Images L19    
    20 Mar 16, Th Sharpen, Fair Mesh L20    
    21 Mar 28, Tu Normal Mesh, Ball-Offset (Brian) L21 Jarek at DCC?
    22 Mar 30, Th Compress Animations (Lorenzo) Bill Jarek at DCC?
    23 Apr 4, Tu Represent, Traverse Tet-Mesh Cyril   P3 L, B, G
    24 Apr 6, Th Compress, Stream, Render Tet-Mesh Nipun  
    25 Apr 11, Tu   L25    
    26 Apr 13, Th Visibility from point and shadows Chris occlusion
    27 Apr 18, Tu Occluders Sami  
    28 Apr 20, Th Precompute Cell-to-cell Visibility Brandon   TmeshBuilder,
    29 Apr 25, Tu Detect, Predict Collision Jeffrey collision P3 due Research,
    30 Apr 27, Th Present Projects R3
      May 2, Tu FINAL

    STUDENTS: Pictures



    CurveCompression, Justin Jang and Daniel Sternberg
    ErrorMeasures, Nguyen Truong and Howard Zhou
    Entropy, Darren Wilson and Scott Camp
    HuffmanCoding, Donghan Li and James Vanderhyde
    ArithmeticCoding, Brandon Beck and Jaeil Choi
    CurveSimlpification, Stephen Ingram and Christopher Henk
    Prediction, Gordon Brown & Tazama St. Julien
    TriangleMeshes, Urs Bischoff
    MeshingPointClouds, John Hable and Bas Schopman
    TmeshSimlification, Francisco Palop
    TopologyPrediction, Prashant Thakare and Zongyu Zhang
    Resampling, Peter Presti
    SharpenBend, Grant Gruetzmacher and Ignacio Llamas
    TetMeshes, Alexander Powell and Brian Whited
    CurvatureNpnmanifolds, Darren Wilson and Donghan Li
    ProgressiveRefinements, Gordon Brown and John Hable
    Interference, Jaeil Li Choi and James Vanderhyde
    InterferenceAcceleration, Prashant Thakare and Christopher Henke
    HierarchicalAcceleration, Francisco Palop and Bas Schopman
    AnimatinCompression, Donghan Li
    ContainedOccluders, Zongyu Zhang and Peter Presti
    Visibility, Urs Bischoff and Nguyen Truong
    DistanceFields, Grant P. Gruetzmacher and Howard Zhou
    Quantization, Darren Wilson and Donghan Li

    Tutorial on Arithmethic coding provided by Nguyen: Arithmethic.pdf,