OpenGL resources for CS4451 and CS6491

Compiled by Jarek Rossignac


Links and manuals

Downloading GLUT (provided by Ignacio Llamas)

GLUT is not included in regular installations of Visual Studio/C++. So you have to download it and install it manually. You can easily find it with Google. Look for "GLUT Download". Then search for the zip file containing the binary version of glut 3.7 for Windows. Extract the files to the directories as especified in the text file included in that zip file. The paths may vary.

If it is a CoC machine where you have no write permissions you may need to install glut locally. Usually you can get away by copying the glut32.lib and glut.h files to the directory where you have the code. Although the standard location for glut.h is in a subdirectory called GL/ of any directory in the list of path to search for header files (capital letters matter in Unix/Linux systems). If you cannot copy the dll to the system32 subdirectory of your Windows directory you will need a copy of it wherever the compiled executable is executed.

The page contains more details. Although it does not tell you about the possibility of installing locally in case that you have no permissions.

Getting software and compliers (provided by Ignacio Llamas)

Each student registered for class is given access to various software through MSDN Academic Alliance. This includes
The link to download software, taken from CNS website:

Students need to use their gt e-mail address as login (ie.: mail or I believe).
The accounts should be activated at the end of the registration period.