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Corner Table utilities for rendering, smoothing, subdividing, and simplifying triangle meshes
Click and drag will rotate the mesh. Press a key when releasing mouse will home the view.
Press N to show normals. Press V to show vertices. Press E to show edges.
Press g to rotate the input file name: horse.vts > torus.vts > bunny.vts> mesh.vts. Press G to load mesh from the input file.
c is the current corner (blue dot). The gate is the edge opposite to c.
Move it with keys: n does c=c.n. p does c=c.p. o does c=c.o. l does c=c.l. r does c=c.r.
Press c to collapse the gate. Press f to flip it.
Press R to refine the mesh with mid-edge vertices. Press B to apply the Butterly subdivision once.
Press T to tuck, U to untuck, S to do both for smoothing.
Press D to compute the distance from c.t and I to compute the isolation.

For local execution only (not applet)
Press t to print c.t in output window. Press W to print mesh in output window. Press A to archive the mesh in mesh.vts.

Author: Jarek Rossignac June 2006. Source code: meshes p3d. Data file: mesh.vts, torus.vts, bunny.vts. Built with Processing. Uses font: Courier-14.vlw