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New 2D ride on subdivided curve with transformations:
To edit the blue Contol Polygon:
Click and drag control vertices (large black dots) to move them
Drag them out of the window to delete them
Click and drag mid-edge points (smaller dots) to insert new vertices
Press "o" to square the polygon edges if nearly axis-aligned
Press "c" to center (and scale/skew) the polygon
Press "w" to print the coordinates of all control vertices
Press "i" to save a tiff image of the window

To modify the subdivision scheme (filled red curve, spans marked by small dots):
Press "b" for cubic B-spline subdivision
Press "f" for four-piont subdivision
Press "j" for Jarek's subdivision curve
Press "z" for non-unifoem subdivisoin
Press "s" for non-unifoem subdivisoin
Press "-" and "=" to adjust the subdivision level up and down
Press "[" and "]" to adjust jarek's parameter for that level
Press "," and "." to adjust parameters for all levels
Press "z" and "x" to adjust mass of moving object
Press "a" to toggle between curve editing and ride animation
Press "d" to toggle between birds-eye and following object

Built by Jarek Rossignac with Processing. Source code: anim.pde