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ARTICULATED ANIMATION PROJECT (starting code for students)
Built by Jarek Rossignac with Processing
Source code: actions body camera colors keys mesh snake vectors view wheel zubf

Design, implement, test the following.
  • A format where a scene graph is represented as a binary tree in a table and shown as a tree of caplets.
  • A compact text file format for it and read/write functions for saving/loading such graphs
  • An extension of the above to specify 3D animations of the articulated graph (constant connectivity)
  • A user interface for editing the graph structure, shape, and animation interactively
  • Facility for importing shapes (T-meshes, point-clouds, ...) and editing their relative position and orientation.
  • A 3D morph interpolating between arbitrary pairs of shapes
  • A tool for attaching animated morphing meshes to your graph leaves and nodes and for synchronizing their animation
  • Create and archive 3 closed-loop 3D animations using your tool that are artistic, intriguing, and demonstrate mastery of 3D graphics. Post each one as a separate applet.
    Produce and post an interactive applet for loading and viwing your 3 animations (complete graph with morphing meshes) and for editing them, and a paper format document describing and illustratring your approach and contrasting it to stanbdards and other published approaches.