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CS1050 Project P9: Graph Editor and Vertex Spanning Tree

Built by Prof. Jarek Rossignac with Processing. Source code: graph pv2D

To Load a graph: click in the graphic window and press "l".
To add an edge: click the start point and drag to the end point
These will be snapped to existing points if close enough.
To move a point, click and drag it while pressing the space bar
To toggle the display of point numbers: press "n"
To resize and recenter: press "f"

When run locally in Processing
To save the graph: press "s"
To make a picture: press "i"

Assignment for P9 (individual):
Modify the code as indicated to compute the Vertex Spanning Tree with vertex 0 as root and set the color of its edges and vertices to not 0. Post on your PPP: