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Editor for Polyloops and subdivision curves

To move a control vertex: clidk it and drag it to a new location
To delete a control vertex: clidk and drag it out of the window
To insert a control vertex: clidk a mid-edge point (and drag it)
To save the control vertices: press s (save)
To load saved control vertices: press l (load)
To recenter the shape: press f (fit to frame)
To rectify the shape: press a (align edges with axes)
To toggle between filling the control polygon or the subdivided curve: press S
To enable/disable the display of the vertex numbers: press n
To toggle the display of the control polygon: press 9
To toggle the display of J0 (C^2 cubic B-spline) curve: press 0
To toggle the display of J1 (C^2 mid-edge interpolating) curve: press 1
To toggle the display of J2 (Jarek's compromis C^2) curve: press 2
To toggle the display of J3 (unappealing) curve: press 3
To toggle the display of J4 (C^1 vertex-interpolating four-point subdivision) curve: press 4
To toggle the display of J6 (Jarek's C^3 very smooth subdivision) curve: press 6
To increase/decrease the subdivision level: press + or -
To save a picture of the window: press i (image)

Built with Processing by Jarek Rossignac on Oct 12, 2005. Source code: refinePolyLoop pv2D