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TwistBender: Subdivision techniques for smoothing piecewise circular motions

Click on the numbers to drag the control poses
'h' to reset the control poses
'L' to load saved control poses
'c' to show/hide the control poses
'p' to show/hide the path of the ball-center
'a' to toggle animation / stroboscopic view
's' for single circular motion between each pair of consecutive control frames (C0)
'f' for a four-point subdivision (C1)
'j' for jarek subdivision (C2)
'b' for a cubic B-spline subdivision (C2)
'm' for mixed subdivision (C4)
',' or '.' to chanbge level of subdivision
LEFT or RIGHT arrows to change the s value for jarek and mixed subdivisions
UP or DOWN arrows to change the d value for the intial step of mixed subdivisions

Built by Jarek Rossignac with Processing. Source code: twistBender IO car pts