Biomedical Modeling


The purpose of this panel is to foster debate and discussion on the challenging open research questions in the area of biomedical modeling. The structure of the panel will be based on short presentations by renowned experts on various aspects of biomedical modeling, followed by questions from the audience.


1) D. Metaxas. PhD will give an overview of modeling challenges for Biomedical Applications.


2) L. Axel. M.D, PhD will present the potential clinical role of solid modeling for the heart.


3) J. Duncan PhD will present methods for the `` Recovery of Soft Tissue Deformation from 3D Medical Images Using Biomechanical Models.


4) R. Kikinis, MD and S. Warfield PhD will given an overview of Patient-Specific Simulations for Surgical Planning and Intervention.


5) T. Yoo, PhD will given an overview of The Insight Toolkit (ITK) which is an open source software initiative by the NIH/NLM for medical image analysis and the future challenges.