Conference Publications

  • ODIN: Automated Drift Detection and Recovery in Video Analytics
    Abhijit Suprem, Joy Arulraj, Calton Pu, and Joao Ferreira
    VLDB 2020

  • SQLCheck: Automated Detection and Diagnosis of SQL Anti-Patterns
    Prashanth Dintyala, Arpit Narechania, and Joy Arulraj
    SIGMOD 2020

  • APOLLO: Automatic Detection and Diagnosis of Performance Regressions in Database Systems
    Jinho Jung, Hong Hu, Joy Arulraj, Taesoo Kim, and Woonhak Kang
    VLDB 2020

  • Automated Verification of Query Equivalence Using Satisfiability Modulo Theories
    Qi Zhou, Joy Arulraj, Shamkant Navathe, William Harris, and Dong Xu
    VLDB 2019

  • BzTree: A High-Performance Latch-free Range Index for Non-Volatile Memory
    Joy Arulraj, Justin Levandoski, Umar Farooq Minhas, and Per-Ake Larson
    VLDB 2018

  • SlimDB: A Space-Efficient Key-Value Storage Engine For Semi-Sorted Data
    Kai Ren, Qing Zheng, Joy Arulraj, and Garth Gibson
    VLDB 2018

  • Write-Behind Logging
    Joy Arulraj, Matthew Perron, and Andrew Pavlo
    VLDB 2017
    [paper] [slides] [code] [project]

  • An Empirical Evaluation of In-Memory Multi-Version Concurrency Control
    Yingjun Wu, Joy Arulraj, Jiexi Lin, Ran Xian, and Andrew Pavlo
    VLDB 2017
    [paper] [code] [project]

  • Self-Driving Database Management Systems
    Andrew Pavlo, Gustavo Angulo, Joy Arulraj, Haibin Lin, Jiexi Lin, Lin Ma, Prashanth Menon, Todd Mowry, Matthew Perron, Ian Quah, Siddharth Santurkar, Anthony Tomasic, Skye Toor, Dana Van Aken, Ziqi Wang, Yingjun Wu, Ran Xian, and Tieying Zhang
    CIDR 2017
    [paper] [code] [project]

  • Bridging the Archipelago between Row-Stores and Column-Stores for Hybrid Workloads
    Joy Arulraj, Andrew Pavlo, and Prashanth Menon
    SIGMOD 2016
    [paper] [slides] [code] [project]

  • Let’s Talk About Storage & Recovery Methods for Non-Volatile Memory Database Systems
    Joy Arulraj, Andrew Pavlo, and Subramanya R. Dulloor
    SIGMOD 2015
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  • Leveraging the Short-Term Memory of Hardware to Diagnose Production-Run Software Failures
    Joy Arulraj, Guoliang Jin, and Shan Lu
    ASPLOS 2014
    [paper] [slides]

  • Production-Run Software Failure Diagnosis via Hardware Performance Counters
    Joy Arulraj, Po-Chun Chang, Guoliang Jin, and Shan Lu
    ASPLOS 2013
    [paper] [slides]

Workshop Publications

  • Larger-than-Memory Data Management on Modern Storage Hardware for In-Memory OLTP Database Systems
    Lin Ma, Joy Arulraj, Sam Zhao, Andrew Pavlo, Subramanya R. Dulloor, Michael J. Giardino, Jeff Parkhurst, Jason L. Gardner, Kshitij Doshi, and Col. Stanley Zdonik
    DAMON 2016 (colocated with SIGMOD 2016)
    [paper] [code] [project]

  • A Prolegomenon on OLTP Database Systems for Non-Volatile Memory
    Justin Debrabant, Joy Arulraj, Andrew Pavlo, Michael Stonebraker, Stan Zdonik, and Subramanya Dulloor
    ADMS 2014 (colocated with VLDB 2014)
    [paper] [code] [project]

Invited Articles

  • Research for Practice: Distributed Consensus and Implications of NVM on Database Management Systems
    Peter Bailis, Camille Fournier, Joy Arulraj, and Andrew Pavlo
    ACM Queue, July 2016