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* PicsPane
* A class for generating HTML tables of images by scanning a directory
* containing folders of image files.  For each directory found, PicsPane
* will add an album (top-level div) with a heading of that name.
* Outline:
* PicsPane("<directory name>")
* PicsPane->run();      // runs HTML output for all images found, organized by album
* The CSS id of the top-level div is "pics", in accordance with the formatting scheme that I
* use for my website.  For other applications, just define the "pics" properties as desired
* Author: Jonathan Scholz
* 2/3/2010

class PicsPane extends Cogent

* Generates HTML for a grid from nested divs for the images found
* in each album

protected function generate($dir, $files){
        // write heading for this project
        if ($this->depth == 0) {
                print '<h3 id="'.$dir.'">'.$dir."</h3>\n";

        // count elements in array
        $numpics = count($files);

        // loop over pics array to apply css container properties & links to highres versions:
        for ($pic=0; $pic < $numpics; $pic++) {
                print '<a href="'.$this->rootdir.'/'.$dir.'/'.$files[$pic].'" '.   // set target
                        'onClick="_gaq.push(["_trackEvent", "Picture", "Viewed", "'.$files[$pic].'"]);">'. // install tracker
                        '<img class="thumb" src="'.$this->rootdir.'/'.$dir.'/'.$files[$pic].    // set content
                        '" /></a>'."\n";
} // End: class PicsPane


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