Motorcycle Fairing Repair

In summer 2011 I convinced a couple friends to buy motorcycles with me. Shortly afterwards, *some* of us became a little overzealous on a ride in the north Georgia mountains, and had to perform some cosmetic repairs to our bikes (no injuries). The quotes I got from local body shop folks were $400+, so I decided to learn how to do it myself. This page shows images from two projects. First was my bike, which fell on the right side and rashed up the lower right fairing. Later I helped my friend with his, which went over forwards and cracked up the front fairing.

In no particular order, here's what I learned:

Manos Bike

My Bike


This is a video of my rattle-can job on the fairing I busted up on a little wipeout, in between when I got my bike and when i learned self control.

This is a clip of Mano dremeling away some inside plastic on the front fairing of his R6, so we could lay some fiberglass.

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