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The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: A Marsupial Team for Urban Search and Rescue

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“The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: A Marsupial Team for Urban Search and Rescue” by F. Dellaert, T. Balch, M. Kaess, R. Ravichandran, F. Alegre, M. Berhault, R. McGuire, E. Merrill, L. Moshkina, and D. Walker. In AAAI Mobile Robot Competition, (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), 2002, pp. 44-49.


We describe our entry in the AAAI 2002 Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) competition, a marsupial team consisting of a larger wheeled robot and several small legged robots, carried around by the larger robot. This setup exploits complimentary strengths of each robot type in a challenging domain. We describe both the hardware and software architecture, and the on-board real-time mapping which forms the basis of accurate victim-localization crucial to the USAR domain. We also evaluate what challenges remain to be resolved in order to deploy search and rescue robots in realistic scenarios.

Download: PDF.

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