Synthesis of Interactive hand manipulation



We present an interactive physics-based motion synthesis technique for

creating hand manipulation across a wide variety of tasks,

objects, user interventions, and stylistic preferences. Given an

object being manipulated, a single pose specifying the desired initial

contact, and the kinematic goals of the manipulation, our algorithm

automatically generates hand-object manipulation that is responsive to

unscripted external disturbances. Our algorithm simulates the dynamic

coupling between a passive dynamic system and an active dynamic system

by formulating a sequence of constrained optimizations. This

formulation allows the user to synthesize a manipulation task by

describing simple, keyframe-like kinematic goals in the domain of

object configuration. The algorithm will automatically produce the

hand motion that achieves the kinematic goals via coupled dynamic

equations of motion.


Synthesis of Interactive Hand Manipulation, C. Karen Liu, SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation 2008


SCA video submission with audio (Quicktime 9.6M)



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Project Members

C. Karen Liu