Ketan Bhardwaj

Research Scientist II

School of Computer Science,
College of Computing,
Georgia Institute of Technology.

Research Interests:
Edge Computing, Distributed Systems, Operating Systems.

Contact: Klaus 3323, 266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332 LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Github E-mail Resume

  • From back-of-the-envelop to informed estimation of edge computing benefits in minutes using Castnet. Daga H., Yoon H., Bhardwaj K., Gavrilovska A., To appear at IEEE ICFC'19. preprint
  • Serving Mobile Apps - A slice at a time. Bhardwaj K., Saunders M., Juneja N., Gavrilovska A., To appear at Eurosys'19. preprint
  • SPX: Preserving End-to-End Security for Edge Computing. Bhardwaj K., Shih M., Garvilovska A., Kim T., Song C., ArXiv'18. preprint
  • DRIVESHAFT: Improving percieved mobile web performance. Bhardwaj K., Garvilovska A., Stiener M., Flack M., Ludin S., ArXiv'18. preprint
  • Towards IoT-DDoS Prevention Using Edge Computing. Bhardwaj K., Miranda J.C., Gavrilovska A., Usenix HotEdge'18. preprint
  • Fast, scalable and secure onloading of edge functions using AirBox. Bhardwaj K., Shih M., Agarwal P., Gavrilovska A., Kim T., Schwan K., IEEE/ACM SEC'16. preprint
  • SOUL: An Edge-cloud System for Mobile Applications in a Sensor-rich World. Jang M., Lee H., Schwan, K., Bhardwaj K., To Appear in IEEE/ACM SEC'16. preprint
  • Ephemeral Apps. Bhardwaj, K.; Gavrilovska. A.; Schwan, K., ACM HotMobile '16. preprint
  • AppSachet: Distributed App Delivery from the edge cloud. Bhardwaj, K.; Agrawal. P.; Gavrilovska. A.; Schwan, K., EAI MobiCASE '15. preprint
  • AppFlux: Taming App Delivery via Streaming. Bhardwaj, K.;Agrawal. P.; Gavrilovska. A.; Schwan, K., Allred A., Usenix TRIOS '15 - SOSP.preprint
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