Kihwan Kim

   Ph.D. Student, Computer Science

   Computer Vision, Graphics and Multimedia

   Georgia Institue of Technology, CoC/GVU/CPL  

    Advisor : Dr. Irfan Essa

   Member of  CPL and Graphics Group 

  Contact :

   email)  kihwan23 at   

   Phone) (678).707.3912    

   85 5th Street NW, TSRB   

   Atlanta,GA 30332-0760

 Who am I?

  Hi, I am Kihwan Kim

  I am Ph.D. student in College of Computing, GVU Center, Georgia Institute of Technology

  majoring in Computer   Science since Aug.2005.

  I worked for Samsung IT R&D Center at SDS as an Advisory Engineer by May 2005.

  I received my B.S degree from Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea) majoring in Electrical Engineering. 

  You can see my resumes and CV in Resume tag above.

  My research interests are Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Multimedia application.

  You can see my recent researches and projects in Research tag and Projects tag above and also   access previous work at Samsung at here.  

                      I love everything related with Images and Videos. Taking pictures, watching movies and animations, playing RTS  games such as Starcraft.