Kihwan Kim

   Ph.D. Student, Computer Science

   Computer Vision, Graphics and Multimedia

   Georgia Institue of Technology, CoC/GVU/CPL  

    Advisor : Dr. Irfan Essa

   Member of  CPL and Graphics Group 

  Contact :

   email)  kihwan23 at   

   Phone) (678).707.3912    

   85 5th Street NW, TSRB   

   Atlanta,GA 30332-0760

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 : Computer Vision and Graphics, areas of interests include Real-time rendering, Face recognition, Object detection, Multi-view     geometry,  and Multimedia systems.


 Aug. 2005 – Present


 Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science




• Graduate Research Assistantship,Computational Perception Laboratory, GVU, College of Computing 

• Adviser : Dr. Irfan Essa

• Current GPA 3.93 out of 4.00(major)/ 3.88 out of 4.00(overall)

 Mar. 1994 – Feb. 2001


 B.S. in Electrical Engineering




• Graduated with GPA of 3.71 out of 4.00 (upper)/ 3.45 out of 4.00 (overall)

• Dean's List, High Honored Student Award (top 3%) and Honored Student (top 10%)




Aug. 2005 –Present

 Computational Perception Laboratory at Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing

 Graduate Research Assistant




 Motion Analysis using Gaussian Process Regression - Dr. Irfan Essa  

  Recognition of motion patterns using Gaussian Process Regression Flow

 Motion Field Analysis in Dynamic Sports Videos  - Dr. Irfan Essa  , Dr. Ariel Shamir, Dr. Iain Matthews, Dr. Jessica Hodgins

  Player Tracking, and analysis of group behaviros from motion field on the ground

 Augmenting Earth-map Project  - Dr. Irfan Essa  , Dr. Sangmin Oh

  Augmenting Aerial Earthmaps with Dynamic information using crowd-casted videos

GPS Ray Project  - Dr. Irfan Essa, Dr. Thad Starner, Dr. Jay Summet

  Localization and reconstruction of 3D buildings in urban scens using GPS signals

 Video based Non-photorealistic Rendering Project  - Dr. Irfan Essa

  Watercolor and painterly NPR algorithms using Radial Basis Function Samsung STAR Project 2007-2008

 Real-time Shadow Generation for Transparent Color Casters   - Dr. Byungmoon Kim, Dr. Greg Truk

  Algorithm for generation of transparent-color shadows by real-time rendering (DirectX9.0c/ Shader3.0)

 Face Recognition using LDA with Generalized SVD - Dr. Haesun Park, Dr. James M. Rehg

  Enhancing Linear Discriminant Analysis by using Generalized Singular Value Decomposition.

 Media Remixing with Family Video Archive Project - Dr. Irfan Essa, Dr. Gregory D. Abowd

  Make video/scene navigatable multi-scale mosaic using Color, Face and Annotated information   from   Family Video Archive framework. 

Jan. 2009 – Aug 2009

 Disney Research at Pittsburgh (DRP)

 Visiting Associate Researcher




 Microcasting  - Dr. Irfan Essa  , Dr. Iain Matthews, Dr. Ariel Shamir and Dr. Jessica Hodgins

  Precintion of game play for automated broadcasting

Mar. 2001 – May. 2005

SAMSUNG Information Technology R&D Center at SDS

Advisory Engineer




Face recognition System ViaFace 1.0 Project

• 1 Billion Won worth of project, currently in application at an international airport in Mexico and scheduled to   supply to diverse new apartments and governmental institutions

• Responsible for conducting research on biometrics market and worldwide progress and trend

• Commended at the Las Vegas Comdex Fall2001, and conferred with the Samsung’s Best   E-Solution 2001.


Face detection algorithm

• Solely responsible for eye detection module which fed into ViaFace 1.0 Project

• In charge of face candidate qualification module by developing algorithm for detecting face   among many   images. Leveraged Geometric qualification, Face/non-face classification  (PCA,SVM,MHD etc.)

• Developed Samsung RND-Face set  for Face Detection Test (face photo DB build-up). 


Real-time Collaboration System  Syncbiz  Project  

• Conferred with Syncbiz 1.0 Samsung Best E-Solution Award

• Presently in use in many companies in Japan, and many of Samsung affiliates companies.

• Responsible for overall UI planning and development for entire Syncbiz

• Developed image sharing module for CAD related programs.

• Co-developed Syncbiz middleware for over 1,000 concurrent user scenario, and responsible for   the load    balancing of distributed servers


Ubiquitous Home network framework NEX Project  

• Co-developed home network framework for the nearing ubiquitous world with Samsung   affiliates. This   framework fed into U-City Project of Samsung SDS.

• Developed system prototype for NEX exclusive RM (Remote Management) by building management system   that enables user to control server at home and all types of devices from   the outside

• Planned roadmap and proposal for the NEX project  


IP STB Framework LivingWise CS(Contents Sharing)

• Fully embedded framework and applications for KT HOME’N IP Set-top box

• Solely Responsible for overall UI planning of  each modules and developed RSS-News,   RSS-Weather, MP3 Player modules and Prototype of Customized version of CEMediaplayer.   Every applications developed under WinCE with embedded Visual Studio

Jun. 2003 – Jan. 2004

Samsung Electronics Digital Solution Center




• Planned and conducted market research for RFID in smart shirts

• Reviewed proposal for RFID with ELIMS (Electrical library manager).  Presently, built in a major Korean city

• Planned and developed proposal for RFID and U-Health market analysis

• Developed U-Health fitting center managing system beta site.  

• Developed U-Health Virtual Treadmill system prototype version

Mar. 1996 – Sep. 1998

10th Airbase Avionic Squadron in Republic of Korean Air Force


Suwon, Korea


• Responsible for the repair and maintenance of F-4E, RF-4C aircrafts including Central Air Data   Computer for overall monitoring, all types of Gyro-scope  (device that senses aircraft’s position), all   types of aircraft instruments etc.

• In charge of risk management by inspecting excess pressure on aircraft and reporting the findings   to the US Military service.

• Controlled F-4E and RF-4C materials inventory




3-Dimensional Visualization of the Operating Room Using Advanced Motion Capture: A Novel Paradigm to    Expand Simulation-Based Surgical Education [PDF]

  Eric L. Sarin, Kihwan Kim, Irfan Essa, and William A.Cooper in STS 2011, and ISMICS 2011

Motion Fields to Predict Play Evolution in Dynamic Sports Scenes [PDF]

  Kihwan Kim, Matthias Grundmann, Ariel Shamir, Iain Matthews, Jessica Hodgins and Irfan Essa in IEEE CVPR 2010

Player Localization Using Multiple Static Cameras for Sports Visualization  [PDF]

  Raffay Hamid, Ramkrishan Kumar, Matthias Grundmann, Kihwan Kim, Irfan Essa and Jessica Hodgins in IEEE CVPR 2010

Augmenting Aerial Earth Maps with Dynamic Information from Videos  Kihwan Kim, Sangmin Oh, Jeonggyu Lee and Irfan Essa in Journal of Virtual Reality, Springer 2011  [PDF] 

Augmenting Aerial Earth Maps with Dynamic Information  Kihwan Kim, Sangmin Oh, Jeonggyu Lee   and Irfan Essa in IEEE/ACM ISMAR 2009 To appear.  [PDF] , Presentation [PPT]

Collaborative Crowdcasting using Mobile devices  Kihwan Kim Matthias Grundmann and Irfan Essa 2009 4G Symposium, Las vegas 2009 (Poster [PDF] )

Localization and 3D Reconstruction of Urban Scenes Using GPS, K. Kim, J.Summet, T.Starner, D.Ashbrook,  M.Kapade and I.Essa, In Proceedings of 2008 IEEE International Conference on Wearable  Computers(ISWC2008)[PDF], Presentation: [PPT]

A Shadow Volume Algorithm for Opaque and Transparent Non-Manifold Casters, B. Kim, K. Kim and G. Turk,  in Journal of Graphics Tools 2008 (JGT) [PDF]

Interactive Mosaic Generation for Video Navigation, Kihwan Kim, Irfan Essa and Gregory D. Abowd in   Proceedings of 2006 ACM International Conference on   Multimedia (ACMMM2006) [PDF]

Localization and 3D Reconstruction of Urban Scenes Using GPS, K. Kim, J.Summet, T.Starner, D.Ashbrook,   M.Kapade and I.Essa, 2008 Georgia Institute of Technology Technical Report GT-IC-08-06 [PDF]

Real-time Shadow of Transparent Casters Using Shadow Volume, B. Kim, K. Kim, G. Turk : 2007 Georgia   Institute of Technology Technical Report GT-IC-07-04 [PDF]

Multi-scale Photomosaic  Kihwan Kim and Irfan Essa, 2005 GT-CMU Retreat for Graphics [PDF]

Simple Enhanced Block-Matching Algorihtm for Intermediate View Reconstruction

  Kihwan Kim 2001 B.S   Thesis Yonsei University.



• Fluent in English and Japanese

• Mastery of C/C++ and MFC/.NET programming languages, TCP/IP networking, COM, ATL, ActiveX ,   Embedded programmings(eVC), Matlab, OpenCV,OpenGL,DirectX, Java, 3D studio,   Adobe photoshop,   priemiere, electronic circuit related tools and language like Max2plus,Pspice,VHDL etc.

• Highly knowledgeable of projectors, DVD Players,HD standardizations and other display related devices

• Hobbies:  short, independent movie production (award third price in Yonsei Independent Film   Festival - 'Bubble Soap'), drum, bass guitar, leader of a musical band,