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 Real-time Collaboration system : Syncbiz


   Syncbiz is a real-time collaboration system, which includes Application sharing module, Text chatting module, Video/Audio   conferencing module, Shared virtual directory module, Multiuser White board module and Realtime Agenda Mgr(Scheduler) module.  One session permits 10 concurrent users and all users share each modules. And One syncbiz local server has a capacity to sustain 50   concurrent  sessions under main server which controls 50-capacity local server. However, users within same session sharing one   applications and  each of them can manipulate and edit their document or application. With this useful collaboration system, people   who are far away  can co-work in real-time by watching and talking with others and manipulate something. Nevertheless, it was   2002-2003 we didn't  follow H.323 which the standardization of Realtime Collaboration.The only standardization what we've followed   was G.723 for audio conferencing module.


nSyncbiz sharing CLICKS2.0 btw Japan and Korea

 Sharing some products image. then noting it with whiteboard




 What I've done : App' Sharing

  :  The application sharing in syncbiz has three method.

  (1) Image based sharing :When master select an application  that he or she want to share, initial image of the application  send to other users within same session. If someone who  have a control modify or edit in the application, the  optimized-changed area cropped then send to others.

 (2) Command based sharing : With hooking the windows  command messages, Synbiz sends it to server, then server  broadcasts to other users syncbiz. but in this case, every user  must have same shared window application.

 (3) Mixed version : Based on image sharing method, some  tasks within window common procedure are fulfilled by  command based sharing. It is useful to narrow band  environment. Syncbiz uses (1) and (2) selectively in certain  environment. 

What I've done : Overall UI

  :  Syncbiz has many modules and each module has varioius  functions and commands, so the initial aim of UI of Syncbiz  was 'more convinient and easier to use' while the quality of UI  had to keep XP-level GUI for every platform( including  windows98,2000,linux ), so I designed all of the UI from tiny  control to overall dialogues. 

What I've done : Agenda Mgr

  : Agenda manager is also called "Forum tree". It's role  is  managing overall agenda and documents used in certain  conference in Syncbiz.  Data on this module is formed by tree  structure with DB server.

 So users in same session(conference)are sharing same tree  data structure in real time by Agenda Mgr's synchronizing  process. After the session is over, Agenda Mgr will arrange  this data and make the report. 

What I've done : Syncbiz Middleware

  : Syncbiz middleware basically follow common TCP-IP. However, Client server contain's Smart switching process and a Centural server also has load balancing for each syncbiz server so, this middleware is useful from low-band to high-band. As an example, when it applied to Denso( Japanese company), it is modified by selector to available in ISDN 2B.


  Sharing 3D studio Max( actually the    above model was my work!! :) )

  Menu above is selecting user   whom I want to see


 SnapIt module to gain instant  mockup   image ( further using in  whiteboard )

 Virtual Drv and Agenda mgr.

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