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Georgia Institute of Technology
Ph.D. Graduate Program in Computer Science, Fall 2006 - Present
Expected Graduation: Fall 2012
Advisor Charles Isbell: Laboratory for Interactive Artificial Intelligence (IAI)
Honors: Georgia Tech Research Institute Shackelford Fellow
University of California, Berkeley
Bachelor of Science degree awarded December 2005
Major:    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence.
Honors:    Represented U.C. Berkeley at ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition, 2003 & 2004

Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning, Game Theory, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

AAAI 2011 L. MacDermed, K. S. Narayan, C. L. Isbell, L. Weiss. Quick Polytope Approximation of All Correlated Equilibria in Stochastic Games. In submission to the Twenty Fifth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

NIPS 2009 L. Mac Dermed and C.L. Isbell. Solving Stochastic Games. In proceedings of the Twenty-Third Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems

Neural Computation 2008 L. Barrett. J. Feldman, and L. Mac Dermed. A (somewhat) new solution to the variable binding problem. In proceedings of Neural Computation. Vol. 20, No. 9: 2361-2378


Spring 2008 - Present Research Fellow in the Aerospace, Transportation and Advanced Systems Lab.
Researching methods of scaling game theory to solve for large real world problems. Applied to the domain of competing package delivery services where artificial robots interacting with each other and with humans to maximize profit, under the direction of Dr. Lora Wiess

Spring 2007 - Present Research Assistant in the Laboratory for Interactive Artificial Intelligence (IAI)
Researching methods of using multi-agent reinforcement learning to construct improved reputation mechanisms in order to enabling self-interested agents to form coalitions and engage in cooperative behavior, under the direction of Prof. Charles Isbell.

Fall 2004 - Spring 2006 Research Assistant, International Computer Science Institute, U.C. Berkeley.
Researched a solution to the connectionist binding problem, where neuronal clusters encode symbolic references by using activation patterns as opposed to temporal synchrony, under the direction of Prof. Jerry Feldman.

Summer 2000 Research Assistant, Electronics Research Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley
Assisted in building the web interface for Mocha and Giotto real time language and verification tools under the direction of Prof. Thomas Henzinger.


2010 - Present MGII QPACE:
Algorithms to compute game theoretic solutions to Markov games of incomplete information -- a subset of partially observable stochastic games.

2009 - Present Game Runner:
a platform and user interface for creating, solving, and visualizing stochastic games - a formal model used in game theory & multi-agent learning.

2008 - 2009 Research Fellow at Georgia Tech Research Institute:
responsible for creating a massively multiplayer online human-robot interaction simulator.

Fall 2008 Palm Mouse:
developed a prototype wearable mouse connected to the android operating system, turning a user's palm into a track pad.

Spring 2007 Football Redux:
Designed a stochastic game modeling the game of football. States were descretized down, distance and yard line. Actions were bucketed play calls.Transitions were estimated from data. Solved using Nash-Q learning.

Spring 2007 Fast AIBO:
developed software to enable an AIBO robot to learn fast gaits through trial and error over various terrains using genetic algorithms.

Fall 2005 Semantic Search:
developed software to rearrange Google search results based on semantic relevance derived from WordNet.


Fall 2009 Assisted curriculum design, created assignments, and guest lectured CS4731 Game AI. Under Prof. Charles Isbell

Spring 2007 Graduate Teaching Assistant for CS 4001C Computing & Society under Prof. Colin Potts

Fall 2006 Graduate Teaching Assistant for CS 6601 Artificial Intelligence under Prof. Ashok Goel

Spring 2005 Class Tutor for CS 188, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, under Prof. Stuart Russell

Spring 2004 & 2005 Grading Assistant for CS 182, Neural Basis of Thought and Language. Revised and developed class assignments.

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