Graduate Students and Visitng Scholars


*Current PhD students and Research Assistants at GT:

·         James (Juhyun) Bae

·         Ka Ho Chow

·         Stacey Truex

·         Amit Warke

·         Wenqi Wei

·         Yanzhao Wu

*On-leave Graduate Students

·         Matt Weber

·         Kipp Jones

·         Anand Murugappan

*Advices to Graduate Students

·         Be persistent, hard working, and creative. Be happy, confident, and honest.

·         Read all the relevant papers from major journals and conferences on any subject you choose to work on. Reading is an important part of your learning.

·         Thinking is more important than reading. Reading with a specific problem in mind is a good way of thinking.

·         Articles I recommend you to read:

o       Useful Things to Know About Ph. D. Thesis Research by Professor H.T. Kung, Harvard.

o       Follow your heart by Andrew Mattews.

*PhD Students Graduated from GT