CS4420-CS6422 Advanced Internet Application Development

Instructor: Professor Ling Liu

Course Project Related Information

The course project can be completed in groups of up to 4 students. You will need to form groups early in the semester. Each group will be required to have a leader.

You are required to write a project proposal with approximately 2-4 pages. The proposal is worth 10% of your course grade. A typical proposal will contain the following sections:

  1. Motivation and Objectives
    • You should state which of the four options that your project will be and outline the problem and describe your plan to solve it. Especially, you should be specific about the motivation of the problem or issue that you are investigating. Make it clear early on what do you intend to offer? and why are they useful and interesting?
  1. Related work
    • You should identify other published work that is related to your proposal. A good proposal should show that you understand what has already been done and are working to extend that body of work. You are expected to provide references to related work both in the proposal and in the final project report.
  1. Proposed work
    • You need to be specific about what you will do in the project, and how you and I will evaluate its success. You should discuss the novelty of your project, such as new ideas, new techniques, or new applications of the existing technology. The proposal should include a sketch of the architectural design, including main components and interconnections a mong these components
  1. Plan of action (what resources, schedule, plan for evaluation)
    • You should be specific about what resources (software, hardware, platform considerations) you will need for the project and how you plan to get them. Your proposal must have a weekly schedule/milestones indicating how progress will be made on the project.
  1. Evaluation and Testing Method
    • The proposal should include evalation/testing considerations and the methods you may use to validate your result.
  1. Bibliography

Final Project:
At the end of the semester, you are required to hand in your final project deliverable, including the following items:

(1)   a final project report, describing your project.

Content: Your report should include the objectives of your project, the research problems you are addressing, the approach/methods you took for evaluation of your results, the architecture and functional components of your prototype system, three most interesting contributions of your project design and/or implementation. You are also expected to summarize (a) what you have learned through the hand-on experience of doing this project, and (b) what concepts and techniques you learned in class are used in the current project design, and (c) what concepts and techniques you learned in class can be considered for extension of your current project.

Format: I expect the report to be well written and documented with references. The presentation style and quality (syntax and grammar) are an important part of the evaluation and grading of your final project. As the length of the reports, there is no specific rules. Quality is more important than quantity. I would rather see a well-written 15 pages report than a poorly written 30-pages report.

(2)   Project proposal (revised version is acceptable)

(3)   In-class project presentation (ppt file).

(4)   Source code and code documentation

(5)   Executable package of your prototype

You are required to submit your final project deliverable in a tar file or winzipped file with code documentation after the demo. At the demo, you are required to hand in a draft of your final report. You can finalize the report after the demo and submit an electronic version together with other final project deliverables.

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