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Matthew Wolf

Former Research Scientist
Korvo Research Group
CERCS Center
School of Computer Science
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology

As of 7/2016, Now a Senior Research Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Scientific Data Group.


Dr. Matthew Wolf is a member of the Korvo Research Group as well as the Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems (CERCS) at Georgia Tech. His position is as a Research Scientist in the School of Computer Science of the College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as being a joint appointment with Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  His background in Mathematics and computational Physics as well as High Performance Computing shapes much of his research interest in computer operating systems, middleware, and CS education.

His research targets high performance, scalable applications, particularly focused on I/O and adaptive event middlewares. Specific research topics include adaptive I/O interfaces, metadata-rich data services, creation of dynamic, semantic indexes for scientific data, and  handling and fusion of heterogeneous data types.  His work has been sponsored by NSF, DoE, Oak Ridge, Intel, HP, and Cisco, among others.  He is an active part of the MWare research group within CERCS, headed by Dr. Karsten Schwan, and Matthew has served as co-director and/or director of the Interactive High Performance Computing Laboratory (IHPCL) since 2000.  His work on education has focused on infusing some of the excitement of modern systems research into existing curriculum through a modular, case-driven approach, particularly addressing the multi-/many-core transition.  He has served as the co-leader of the Educational Alliance for a Parallel Future (EAPF) since early 2010, and he has been a member of the group prior to it having a formal name.


Research Papers

Dr. Wolf maintains links to his current and previous papers on Google Scholar.

Current research projects and laboratories

The most up-to-date listings of research projects can be found on the Korvo Projects page.
In particular, many of the key elements of current research are in the Exascale or Internet of Things space.

The remaining items are presented more for a historical context.

Contact information

Matthew Wolf

College of Computing
Georgia Tech
, Atlanta GA 30332-0765
Office: Klaus Advanced Computing Building (KACB) Rm. 3323
Phone: (404) 385-1278
Fax: (404) 385-2295