MINTS (MINimizer for Test Suites)


MINTS requires timeout in SATAN, the System Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks.
In this release of MINTS, following solvers are supported: MiniSat+ v1.0, bsolo v3.0.15, PBS v4, OPBDP v1.1, glpPB v0.2,  and Pueblo 1.5 (use glpPB scripts).
Follow instructions of each respective solver, install solvers and insert binaries to $PATH.


MINTS package Readme file


1) Extract contents from the MINTS tgz pack.
2) Set up an environment variable $MINTS,  pointed to the folder extracted.
3) Follow instructions in file format description to set up input files.
4) Use corresponding scripts to invoke MINTS.  Given that the minimization policy is defined in a file named PRIORITY, use
  $MINTS/mints_(solver name).sh (solver executable) (time-out limit in seconds)  <  PRIORITY

Testing MINTS:

A set of examples can be founded in $MINTS/tests. 
To test MINTS, in $MINTS/tests, execute the following command:
$MINTS/ bsolo 10 < test_priority

The aforementioned command, with executable of bsolo accessible in $PATH, invokes bsolo as the back-end solver with a 10-second time-out limit for each of the prioritized selection criteria.

Check text files “solver_output_*” generated for back-end solver reports of each priority batch. 
These files include assignments to variables. Such an assignment gives an example of minimized test suites that are optimal to the absolute criteria defined. 
Check the manual of each individual solver for details of output file format.