Humans of AI: Stories, Not Stats


Episode 14: Derek Hoiem

Episode 13: Timnit Gebru

Episode 12: Ayanna Howard

Episode 11: Aishwarya Agrawal

Episode 10: Bill Freeman

Episode 9: Noah Smith

Episode 8: Joelle Pineau

Episode 7: Hugo Larochelle

Episode 6: Jitendra Malik

Episode 5: Y-Lan Boureau

Episode 4: Antonio Torralba

Episode 3: Vladlen Koltun

Episode 2: Meg Mitchell

Episode 1: Dhruv Batra

Episode 0: Welcome


I am Devi Parikh, and welcome to Humans of AI: Stories, Not Stats.

In this series, I interview AI researchers to get to know them better as people.

Our interaction with prominent AI researchers tends to be through the lens of their work. I believe it is valuable to see the human behind the work.

I will not ask them any questions about their work or AI or technology. I also won’t ask them questions about the “stats” of their life like where they went to college.

I will ask questions to try and understand who they are as a person, what their life is like, what they think about, what they are insecure about, what they get excited about. Questions that reveal the story of their day-to-day life.

Starting October 20th, 2020, I will release two interviews every week, for a total of 18 interviews.

These interviews will be available here as videos as well as podcast episodes.