No small talk. Meaningful conversations.

Feel free to use this site as works best for you :) Below is how Devi likes to use it.

Any number of individuals can participate.

Each person in the group takes a turn.

When it is your turn, click on “New Question” and read the question out loud. Everyone in the group will answer the question – starting with the person on your left. You will answer the question last.

Everyone should answer in as much detail and as honestly as they feel comfortable, plus a little more. A little vulnerability is good :)

If the question is a bit ambiguous, everyone can agree on an interpretation first before answering, or each person can interpret it as feels most natural to them.

Let any conversations or follow up questions to answers flow naturally. These questions are meant to be conversation seeds.

After everyone (including you) answers, your turn is over. The person to your left will ask the next question for everyone to answer. And so on.

If you have suggestions for questions to add to (or edit on) the site, email Devi the question, the question source (your name if you came up with the question and would like to be credited), and a link to the source (if available).

Let’s do this!