For information about the classes I teach, see the “Classes” page.

I played an active role in defining the College of Computing “threads” redesign of the CS curriculum, defining the original orthogonal “roles.” (Ask me for more information about these; they have never been fully implemented.) Subsequently, I have served on the CS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee as the coordinator of the “People” thread. This year, I have moved to the CM degree UCC, which is joint with the School of LCC.

In 2010 I won the Gus Baird teaching award and became a CETL Hesburgh fellow. I have also been a CETL SciTrainU scholar. I am an active participant in CETL, C21U and University System of Georgia educational improvement events and coordinated a Living Learning Community in 2010-11. I have taught two honors sections of CS 4001. I now coordinate the College of Computing graduate teaching assistant orientation seminar.

Ask me about sustainable education, an approach to learning in which course assignments are not discarded at the end of the semester but are recycled, reused and refined for the benefit of later students.

The next big thing will be the X-Degree, which is intended to be an interdisciplinary, flexible degree program that incorporates core knowledge from one major of a students’ choice and a significant grand challenge project component. I have contributed to the X-Degree proposal, which grew out of the Pres. Peterson’s Strategic Plan, since 2009.