Let's Dance: Learning From Online Dance Videos

Daniel Castro, Steven Hickson, Patsorn Sangkloy, Bhavishya Mittal, Sean Dai, James Hays, Irfan Essa
Axiv 2018

TextureGAN: Controlling Deep Image Synthesis with Texture Patches

Wenqi Xian*, Patsorn Sangkloy*, Varun Agrawal, Amit Raj, Jingwan Lu, Fisher Yu, Chen Fang, James Hays
(* co-first authors)
CVPR 2018 (spotlight)

Scribbler: Controlling Deep Image Synthesis with Sketch and Color

Patsorn Sangkloy, Jingwan Lu, Chen Fang, Fisher Yu, James Hays
CVPR 2017

The Sketchy Database: Learning to Retrieve Badly Drawn Bunnies

Patsorn Sangkloy, Nathan Burnell, Cusuh Ham, James Hays

WebGazer: Scalable Webcam Eye Tracking Using User Interactions

Alexandra Papoutsaki, Patsorn Sangkloy, James Laskey, Nediyana Daskalova, Jeff Huang, James Hays
IJCAI 2016


Georgia Institute of Technology

PhD Computer Science / 2015 - when the time comes

Brown University

MSc Computer Science / 2013 - 2015

Khon Kaen University

B.Eng Computer Engineering / 2008 - 2012