CS3510 Design & Analysis of Algorithms

Fall 2017, Section A, MW 3:00pm - 4:15pm in College of Business 100


Course Information

Course Description

This course provides a mathematically oriented introduction to algorithm design. Students will become familiar with fundamental paradigms in algorithm design such as divide-and-conquer, dynamic programming, graphs/networks, optimization, and hardness/approximations. Evaluation will be through written, proof based, homeworks and tests.

Homework Guidelines


Mon Aug 21 Quick introduction, optional due to solar eclipse notes slides
Wed Aug 23 Sorting, runtimes, recursive algorithms, and master theorem notes slides (2.2, 2.3 in book)
Mon Aug 28 Fast multiplication of integers notes slides (2.1, 2.2 in book) Homework 1 out
Wed Aug 30 Recursion trees notes slides
Mon Sep 4 No lecture due to labor day
Wed Sep 6 More Recursive Algorithms notes slides Homework 1 due (solutions)
Mon Sep 11 Class cancelled due to Hurricane Irma
Wed Sep 13 Intro to dynamic programming notes slides (6.1 of book)
Mon Sep 18 Longest increasing subsequences + Test 1 Review (6.1, 6.2 of book) notes slides
Wed Sep 20 Test 1 test with solutions

Mon Sep 25 Shortest paths (4.2, 4.4 of book) notes slides
Wed Sep 27 Minimum spanning trees (5.1 of book) notes slides Homework 2 out
Mon Oct 2 Knapsack and All Pairs Shortest Path notes slides (6.4, 6.6 of book)
Wed Oct 4 Chain Matrix Multiplication + Review of Cut Rule notes slides (6.5 of book)
Mon Oct 9 No lecture due to fall recess
Wed Oct 11 Intro to linear programming, graph problems as linear programs notes slides (7.1 of book) Homework 2 due (solutions)
Mon Oct 16 Review of dynamic programming / graph algorithms notes
Wed Oct 18 Test 2, location: CoB 100 AND Howey L4. test with solutions

Mon Oct 23 Introduction to maximum flows notes slides (7.1, 7.2 of book)
Wed Oct 25 Flow algorithms, maxflow / mincut notes slides (7.2 of book) Homework 3 out
Mon Oct 30 Proof and applications of maxflow/mincut notes slides (7.3 of book)
Wed Nov 1 Matchings and vertex covers notes slides (7.3 of book)
Mon Nov 6 Search Problems, P, and NP notes (8.1 and 8.2 of book) Homework 3 due (solutions)
Wed Nov 8 Reductions and NP-Completeness notes slides (8.2 of book)
Mon Nov 13 Review of maxflow and optimization (Review notes for test 3)
Wed Nov 15 Test 3 test with solutions

Mon Nov 20 Approximation algorithms (8.3 and 9.2 of book) notes slides Homework 4 out
Wed Nov 22 No lecture due to Thanksgiving
Mon Nov 27 Hardness and approximation of max-cut (8.3 and 9.2 of book) notes slides
Wed Nov 29 Hardness and approximation of knapsack (8.3 and 9.2 of book) notes slides
Mon Dec 4 *Review / randomized algorithms notes Last lecture, Homework 4 due
Mon Dec 11 Final exam, 2:50pm - 5:40pm exam with solutions