I am an assistant professor in the School of Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology (where I'm part of ARC and ACO). My research interests are in the design, analysis, and implementation of efficient algorithms. These interests currently revolve around problems induced by practice that arise at the intersection of discrete, numerical, and randomized algorithms, and my representative results include linear systems solvers, max-flow/min-cut algorithms, and time/space efficient data structures for matchings, resistances, and matrices. (Research, Publications, Talks )

I received my BMath from Waterloo, PhD from CMU, and was a postdoc at MIT. Awards that I have received include the NSF Career Award, the 2011 Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship, the 2013 CMU SCS Distinguished Dissertation Award, and the 2021 SODA Best Paper Award. I am extensively involved with algorithmic problem solving based outreach activities, including the North America Programming Camp and the DMOJ Online Judge. (CV)

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