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I am software engineer and a first year PhD student studying at Georgia Tech. My main research interests involve networking, primarily with practical applications. I worked in industry after my undergraduate graduation in 2006 from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, primarily in the networking field at various layers. Please see my CV here. Other interests are varying, including cycling, hiking, photography, politics, and various 'geeky' persuits. Please see my Research page.

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    NetAssay - Higher level primitives for network flow filtering in SDN

    21 August 2014, 15:15

    Current network switches are only able to filter on network headers (e.g., IP addresses, MAC addresses, TCP port numbers). These are opaque and, generally, static filters. Wouldn't it be nice to use higher-level, more expressive, and more understanable primitives such as domain names, users, or network paths? NetAssay is a system that is designed to do just this.

    Setting up Asterisk VMs for International VoIP Simulation

    7 December 2013, 19:45

    This is an overview of how I set up Asterisk on two Virtual Machines to simulate international VoIP telephone calls. Includes summary of setup steps, along with instructions on how to use and modify the entire setup.

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