Sean Foley

I'm a Machine Learning PhD student at Georgia Tech advised by James Hays and Judy Hoffman. My interests lie in computer vision, and I've worked on projects in object tracking and low-shot learning. I received my B.S. in Computer Science and my B.A. in Cognitive Science from the University of Georgia.

Last summer I interned at Argo AI, where I am still employed part-time to help solve some of the challenging problems for self-driving cars. In summer 2018, I worked at UC Berkeley with Fisher Yu and colleagues to develop Scalabel, a tool to help accelerate the annotation of object tracks in videos.

In my spare time, I plan and run Dungeons & Dragons adventures, read science fiction, practice classical guitar, and play Overwatch with my friends.

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I'm interested in challenging problems in computer vision, and more specifically the acquisition of sufficient supervision to train deep convolutional nets. While humans are able to generalize from few (or even no) examples, deep networks have a harder time with this. Getting enough data to train these networks can be expensive, especially for tasks like object tracking. To this end, I'm interested in techniques that either accelerate data annotation or enable learning with less supervision.

[May 2019] This summer I will head to Pittsburgh to intern at Argo AI.
[Aug 2018] I will be a TA for James Hays's excellent Computer Vision course.
[May 2018] This summer I'll work with Fisher Yu at UC Berkeley on accelerating annotation of object tracks in video.
[Sep 2017] I was accepted as one of the first class of students in Georgia Tech's new Machine Learning PhD program.
[Aug 2017] I have been awarded Georgia Tech's President's Fellowship

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