CS 2340 Course Policies

Academic Integrity & Collaboration

We expect academic honor and integrity from students. You are to be aware of and follow the academic honor code of Georgia Tech: <http://osi.gatech.edu/plugins/content/index.php?id=46>_ Your work in this class is to be your own. Significant coding will be required on the exams, and the homework is intended to help prepare you.

Due Dates, Late Work, and Missed Work

Programming homework turn-in is via T-Square. Each assignment is due by the time stated on the assignment. Multiplie resubmissions are allowed, so submit early and often so you aren't in a rush on the due date. A grace period may be given during which your assignment will be marked "late" on T-Square, but will not be docked points. After the grace period, T-Square will not accept your submission, and you will receive a 0 if you have not submitted your HW solution. No exceptions. It is your responsibility to make sure you completely and successfully submit the proper files for your assignments turned in to T-Square. "Safe submission" practices will be discussed in your first assignment.


There are no makeup exams. Exceptions to this policy will only be considered under special circumstances such as serious illness, hospitalization, death in the family, judicial procedures, military service, or official school functions. Notification by email, etc. must be given in advance unless circumstances make that impossible. (Rarely do such circumstances exist.) Documentation must be provided to and verified by the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students will then in turn send us (and possibly all your professors when appropriate) a notice. The decision to make an exception to the no makeup exam policy is at the sole discretion of your instructor. Events such as errands, work conflicts, sleeping through your alarm, alarm malfunction, not being aware of the exam are definitely not valid excuses.

Email Policy

You must conduct all official email correspondence for this course using your official GT email account. This is to protect your privacy. Email from outside sources such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo, and other personal accounts will be ignored. (Be sure to use an informative email subject that includes CS2340 in the subject of the email! For example, Subject: CS2340 exam 2 question. Definitely do not email saying "I'm in your CS class..." as we often teach numerous CS courses.)

Class & Workshop Attendance

Lecture and workshop/recitation attendance is required and assumed.

Grade Contest

To contest any grade, you must submit an official regrade form to the Head TA, Andrew Schuster, within one week of the assignment's original return date. The original return date is when the exam was first made available for students to pick up or the grade was posted on T-Square in the case of homework assignments. This regrade policy applies to ALL grades.

Course Expectations

  1. Lecture and workshop attendance is required.
  2. Keep up with the reading.
  3. Programming is like a sport – the more you practice, the more it will come naturally to you. Try the code we do in class. Every bit of practice helps!
  4. Do your own homework and experiment with examples from class! Learning to program is like learning a sport. It takes actual practice and time to get comfortable with programming. The assignments that are given are opportunities to learn the material that you will be responsible for on exams.
  5. Exercise academic integrity and follow the collaboration policy outlined above.
  6. Be prepared when you go to get help from a TA or your instructor. Bring your work with you.
  7. Take initiative. Begin your assignments early and if you think you need help, come prepared. Use the resources that are provided for you, and be determined to succeed from the start.