CS 1331 B - Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

Spring 2019, Section B

Catalog Description
Introduction to the techniques and methods of object-oriented programming such as encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. Emphasis on software development and individual programming skills.

Course Objectives
Students will learn how to

  • Understand object-oriented programming principles and apply them in the construction of Java programs.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in writing medium sized (1-10 source file) Java programs.
  • Create, select, and use appropriate basic algorithms and data structures in Java programs.
  • Understand and apply event-driven programming principles in graphical user interface (GUI) programs.

At least one of CS 1301, CS 1315, CS 1321, or CS 1371, minimum grade of C.

John Stasko

    MWF 10:10-11:00am, Klaus 1443
    B1 - Tues 4:30-5:45, CoC 101
    B2 - Tues 4:30-5:45, Mason 2117
    B3 - Tues 6:00-7:15, Van Leer C240
    B4 - Tues 6:00-7:15, Cherry Emerson 320

CS1331 Course Required Textbook

Title:Introduction to Java Programming and Data Structures - Comprehensive Version
Amazon link
Author:Y. Daniel Liang
Edition: Copyright 2018, 11th edition (10th edition is perfectly fine too)
Link to resources for the book including source code.

Class Policies
All students are required and expected to attend class. No lecture notes/slides will be published, hence the need for class attendance. If you want to take notes from lecture on your laptop, that is fine. Otherwise (eg, reading email or Facebook), please don't bring your laptop. Students are kidding themselves if they think they can read email and pay attention to the lecture at the same time. Remember this thought when assessing your exam scores. For further details, please see the course policies page.