CS 7450 - Fall '16 Projects

A sampler of projects from Fall 2016 edition of the CS 7450 class at Georgia Tech.

Game of Thrones - Explore the different colors commonly appearing in each episode of the different seasons.
Food Flow in the USA - Analyze the flow of food products (import and export) between different states in the USA.
Billboard Top 100 Hits - Comparing the top 100 music hit songs in the US and UK over the last 50 years.
Water Use around the World - Communicating the availability and the use of fresh water in the different continents and countries of the world.
Health Disparities in the US - Investigate and compare health factor and health outcome data for all the states in the USA.
Airline Flight Delays - Analyze the patterns of flight delays at many major US airports throughout the year.
Dribbble Designers Community - Explore the designs and designers of the online Dribbble community.
Airbnb in San Francisco - Compare the prices of Airbnb housing listings with Trulia estimates to see price markups in San Francisco.
NYC Bike Rentals - Learn about the bikes rented in New Yrok City by people like you, where they go, and how they get there.
UEFA Champions League Soccer - Analyzing how the top Champions League teams have performed in recent years.