Summary of weight for course assignments:

Component   Weight
Class attendance/participation 4%
Programming Labs 8%
HW Assignments 28%
Semester project 45%
Summary exam 15%

Class Participation
It is expected that students will come to class, be prepared by doing the readings, and will pay attention and participate in discussions. If you want to surf the internet on your laptop in class, take another course.

Homework Assignments
HW 1 - Data Exploration and Analysis (5%)
HW 2 - Critiquing a Commercial Visualization System (8%)
HW 3 - Multivariate Data Visual Design (7%)
HW 4 - D3 Visualization Coding (8%)

Each HW will be graded out of 10 points. Weights toward the final grade are listed above. For each calendar day late, 10% of the total grade (i.e., one point) will be deducted from an assignment's score. A HW can be turned in up to a week late unless otherwise notified.

These out-of-class learning labs will help you learn web programming, javascript, and D3. To access the labs, follow this link to the Labs GitHub site. They generally will be due on Fridays at 5 pm. Each lab will be graded out of 2 points. A score of 2 indicates a reasonable effort, and a 1 indicates a lackluster effort. A lab can be turned in until the following Monday. On such a late turn-in, an effort that would've originally received a 2 score will then receive a 1. Otherwise, the score will be 0.

Description - Capstone term project

Academic Integrity
All students in class are expected to follow Georgia Tech's principles of academic honor and integrity. Details about GT's policies can be found at the OSI web pages and more about our class policies on the class home page. Unless otherwise noted, all work should be strictly your own. If you have any questions about these policies, just ask your instructor.