The schedule is subject to change. The listing below provides a sense of the topics to be covered and pointers to relevant information

Date Foundations Assignment Lecture Time Projects
Tuesday August 21 Introduction
Thursday August 23 Uniformed search
Tuesday August 28 Chapter 3,4 Search Informed Search, Reach for A* (slides, paper1, paper2)
Thursday August 30 Simulated annealing, genetic algorithms
Tuesday September 4 Chapter 5,6 Games/CSP Game Playing
Thursday September 6 N-player games
Tuesday September 11 Procedural Content Generation Proposal1
Thursday September 13 Proposal1 Review
Tuesday September 18 Probabilistic games Proposal1 Revision
Thursday September 20 Constraint Satisfaction
Tuesday September 25 Chapter 7-9 Logic Propositional Logic
Thursday September 27 (Thad sick)
Tuesday October 2 Chapter 10, 13, 14.1-4 Planning and Bayes Nets Logic & catch-up
Thursday October 4 First Order Logic
Tuesday October 9 Planning Paper1
Thursday October 11 Paper 1 review
Tuesday October 16 Fall Break
Thursday October 18 Presentations Paper1 revision
Tuesday October 23 Gaussian models, HMMs, Viterbi
Thursday October 25 Chap 13, 15, 20.3 Assignment 5 EM and Kalman Filters
Tuesday October 30 Bayes Nets Proposal2
Thursday November 1 Proposal2 review
Tuesday November 6 Guest lecture Proposal2 Revision
Thursday November 8 Chap 18, 19 Assignment 6 learning, testing, decision trees, MAP/ML
Tuesday November 13 Attend IPaT panel,Centurgy 75 5th St. NW, 6th Floor, Suite 600
Thursday November 15 Decision Trees in text entry, boosting tutorial , boosting with HMMs for activity recognition, Segmentally Boosted HMMs
Tuesday November 20 Chap 17, 21 Assignment 7 SVM, NN, MDP/POMDP, human assisted robot learning
Thursday November 22 HOLIDAY
Tuesday November 27 Chap 22-23 Assignment 8 NLP, information retrieval
Thursday November 29 Perception, particle filters Paper2
Tuesday December 4 Paper2 review
Thursday December 6 Presentations Paper2 revision
Thursday December 13 (final exam period) Learning Portfolio