I'm available to advise graduate students in residence at Georgia Tech on projects relating to finance and machine learning, and tracking and analyzing multiple agent behavior. I work with students on projects of joint interest that culminate in a published paper or significant software project. We will need to work together for several semesters. I require that you take one of my courses and do well before we embark on research together.

Interns and visiting scholars

I don't have funding to support interns or visiting scholars, however, I do take on interns who meet the following criteria:

If you are interested in working with me, and meet the above critera, feel free to contact me.



Spring 2018, Fall 2018: CS 7646: Machine Learning for Trading. In this course we learn about many of the technical challenges involved in running a machine learning-based proprietary trading operation. It will be a rather intensive coding experience. Learn more about this course. This course will next be offered in Fall 2015 via Udacity, and in residence at Georgia Tech, Atlanta. Previously: Fall 2014, Fall 2013, Fall 2012.

Summer 2016: David Byrd will be teaching the course in Summer 2016.

Fall 2015, Fall 2016: CS 3651: The Art of Prototyping Intelligent Appliances. We build artifacts with computers in them. Learn more about this course. Previously: Fall 2014, 2008.
Spring 2017: CS 7631: Autonomous Multirobot Systems. In this course we review seminal and new research in multirobot systems with research presentations by students. Students construct simulated multirobot systems, study them and report on them. Learn more about this course. This course will probably be taught next by me in Spring 2017. Previously: 2012.
bullish Computational Investing, Part I (via coursera) In this course I introduce students to the data and algorithms used by hedge funds, investment banks, and other sophisticated investors to manage their funds. It corresponds approximately to the first 1/2 of CS 7646. Learn more about this course.

Other activities

Co-founder and CTO of Lucena Research, Inc.

With Maria Hybinette, created ThinkAI, an intra-day stock price prediction algorithm that runs on thinkorswim's retail client platform. ThinkAI was specifically mentioned in the Barron's article announcing thinkorswim was the #1 high-tech platform for trading in 2009. Does it work? Yes.

Vice president of the RoboCup Federation. My key responsibilities as VP are to help design and manage the financial operations of RoboCup, especially for the US branch, and to support the various IT needs for RoboCup, such as the website and email lists. I'm still treasurer for the US branch.

President of Georgia Robotics, a non-profit that manufactures and sells robots for education. So far we have delivered over 3,000 robots to students and schools. That's a record for robots for CS education.

See my blog about quantitative finance.


My research has been made possible by a number of fine students:


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My wife Maria is a professor of computer science at UGA. Gunnar, Tucker and Emmy run around all over the place and study hard for school!

Photos of family by Maria Hybinette.