How this works: For each topic we will select a "primary" paper. This is the paper the class must read for that day. Presentors are responsible for researching and pesenting their topic in depth, including papers in addition to the primariy paper.

If you are interested in a topic that is not listed here, you may suggest your own.

Note * indicates the topic is taken.

  1. Behavioral Heterogeneity
    Book, Chapter 4
    Book, Chapter 11
    Fontan/Mataric, A Study of Territoriality: The Role of Critical Mass in Adaptive Task Division
    Zinkevich & Balch, ICML paper on symmetry.
    * John Beckham

  2. Taxonomies of MultiRobot Systems
    Book, Chapter 1
    Book, Chapter 3
    * Steve Marlowe

  3. Collaborative Observation and Localization
    Book, Chapter 6
    Papers by Stroupe & Balch
    RoboCup papers
    * Bart Presnell
    Han Xu (2)
    Bart Presnell (2)

  4. Polymorphic Robots
    Book, Chapter 5
    Papers by Daniela Rus
    * Logan Hauenstein

  5. Mechanically Heterogeneous Teams
    Book, Chapter 9
    Book, Chapter 10
    *Ananth Ranganathan

  6. MultiRobot Cooperation, Collaboration and Coordination
    Book, Chapter 13
    Emery, Sikorski & Balch, ICRA-2002 Paper
    * Han Xu
    Steve Marlowe (~)
    Barath Petit (2)
    Patrick Ulam (2)

  7. Communication
    Balch/Arkin, Communication in reactive multiagent robotic systems
    Book, Chapter 8
    Mataric, Using Communication to Reduce Locality in Distributed Multi-Agent Learning
    Stone/Veloso Communication in Domains with Unreliable, Single-Channel, Low-Bandwidth Communication

    * Xiang Song 22 Oct
    Steve Marlowe (~)
    Adam Feldman (~)
    Barath Petit 24 Oct
    Patrick Ulam (2)

  8. MultiRobot Reinforcement Learning
    Book, Chapter 2
    Mataric, Reinforcement Learning in the Multi-Robot Domain
    Balch, PhD Thesis Chapters 6 & 7 (sections on results in learning)
    Yanco/Stein An adaptive communication protocol for cooperating mobile robots
    * Phillip Jones

  9. Learning for Mechanically Diverse Robot Systems
    Book, Chapter 7
    * Matt Powers 3 Oct

  10. Multiagent Planning
    Brumitt, et al Dynamic Mission Planning for Multiple Mobile Robots
    Jensen, et al, OBDD-based Universal Planning: Specifying and Solving Planning Problems for Synchronized Agents in Non-Deterministic Domains
    * Amin Atrash 17 Oct

  11. Biological Inspiration - Bees
    von Frisch, The dance language and orientation of bees
    Seeley's books.
    * Heather Mahaney 26 Sep

  12. Biological Inspiration - Ants
    Wilson, Chemical communication in ants
    Gordon's papers
    Phillip Jones (~)
    * Adam Feldman 1 Oct

  13. Behavior Recognition/Opponent Modeling
    Han/Veloso Opponent Modeling
    Huber/Durfee An initial assessment of plan-recognition-based coordination for multiagent teams, ICMAS-96
    Other papers TBD.
    * Jon Beckham (1)
    Bryan Kennedy (1)
    Keith O'Hara (2) 10 Oct

  14. Behavior-based Multirobot Architectures
    Parker, Designing control laws for cooperative agent teams
    Mataric, Issues and Approaches in the Design of Collective Autonomous Agents
    Arkin, Cooperation without communication
    Ananth Ranganathan (~)
    Patrick Ulam 8 October
    Keith O'Hara (1)