Advanced Image Synthesis

CS 7490, Fall 2007

Instructor: Greg Turk

Read the results from the Renderer Reviews.

Carrying out the Renderer Warm-Up Project for the class.

Here is the List of Renderers for the warm-up assignment.

Useful Graphics Links

Information about programming in Cg.

Archive of RenderMan documentation.
The RenderMan repository.

On-line graphics resources from ACM TOG.

On-line SIGGRAPH papers for 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.

The POVRAY site.
The Rayshade public-domain ray tracer.
Archive of issues of the Ray Tracing News.

OpenGL resources.
Real-time rendering resources.

OpenGL Programming Guide:

OpenGL Reference Manual:

Huge list of non-photorealistic rendering resources.

Schedule of Classes
Aug 20
Aug 22
Reading List
Aug 24
An Image Synthesizer
Aug 27
Fast Texture Synthesis using Tree-Structured
Vector Quantization
Aug 29
Solid Texture Synthesis from 2D Exemplars
(Michael Su)
Aug 31
Octree Textures
(Bryan Horvat)

Sept 3
Holiday (No Class)
Sept 5
What We Need ... More Aliasing
Sept 7
Return of the Jaggies
Sept 10
Anti-Aliasing Wrap-Up
Sept 12
Reconstruction Filters in Computer
(Gaurav Gupta)
Sept 14
Context-Aware Image Resizing
(Karthik Raveendran)
Sept 17
Feature-Based Metamorphisis
(Kevin Ruffin)
Sept 19
Colorization Using Optimization
(Dongryeol Lee)
Sept 21
Poisson Image Editing
(Mingxuan Sun)
Sept 24
Reyes Image Rendering Architecture
Sept 26
Sept 28
Radiometry 1
Oct 1
Radiometry 2
Oct 3
Radiometry 3
Oct 5
Customizable Reflectance Model
Oct 8
Fall Break (No Class)
Oct 10
Practical Model for Subsurface Light
(Mark Duckworth)
Oct 12
Real-Time Procedural Shading System
Oct 15
Ray Tracing on Programmable
(Sungbae Kim)
Oct 17
Distributed Ray Tracing
Oct 19
The Rendering Equation
Oct 22
The Rendering Equation (continued)
Oct 24
Photon Maps
Oct 26
Approximate Global Illumination
for CG Films
(Muddasir Zaidi)
Oct 29
Oct 31
Interaction of Light Between
Diffuse Surfaces
Nov 2
Implicit Visibility and Antiradiance
(Ken Camann)
Nov 5
Precomputed Radiance Transfer
Nov 7
Light Field Rendering
Nov 9
Unstructured Lumigraph Rendering
(Dan Huo)
Nov 12
Nov 14
Antialiasing Shadows with
Depth Maps
(Paavan Vasudev)
Nov 16
Shadow Silhouette Maps
(Nick Baughman)
Nov 19
Geometry-Based Soft Shadow Volumes
(Kihwan Kim)
Nov 21
Hardware Accelerated Ambient
(Chris Alvarez)
Nov 23
Holiday (No Class)
Nov 26
Parallax Mapping
(Kyle Olszewski)
Nov 28
Art-Based Fur, Grass, Trees
(Phillip Case)
Nov 30
Illustrating Smooth Surfaces
(Jiajian Chen)
Dec 3
Display of Surfaces from
Volume Data
Dec 5
Rendering Fur
Dec 7
Last Day Topics